"A vocalist whose voice has been likened to velvet Tones

& Dark Chocolate on a lovers tongue"

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“Aint all Blues”

One review called it ‘note tight’ 

Pearlnoire  (Black Pearl) is a vocalist whose voice has been likened to velvet tones and Dark Chocolate on a lovers tongue.  Blues Bessie mama and Black magic diva are a few terms also used recently in live reviews and also reviews about her debut CD 'Ain't All Blues'                  

 Pearlnoire has always been an entertainer bringing her unique style to various roles including Runway Model, Actress, Compere, Mistress of Ceremonies and many appearances on Television & Radio in the United Kingdom , West Indies and now Australia. Pearlnoires current repertoire runs from jazz, swing,  soul, soft rock, socca , funk, reggae, country and she loves new challenges bringing her own marque and influence to a song and loves to sing whatever her audience or client requests. Wollongong may not have the intense, concentrated and competitive jazz and blues scene of the UK, but for London born singer Pearlnoire it is the perfect home.

" I just love the vibe"

So when she performs its not uncommon to encounter jazz with a reggae flavour or blues with a taste of Latin America her deep voice gliding over the notes effortlessly she even wants to branch out to use Led Zeppelin’s more blues-style tracks


 ‘I like to mix it up’

Performing brings out a new dimension in Pearlnoire and she never sings a song the same way "the energy I get from people feeds my own and I forget who I am" she become an interactive diva involving her audience and making them feel the emotion of each song’ seeing that you have reached people in the way that I intended to is what I love"

With her eyes set on securing a record contract and a new album for 2010 Pearlnoire will be following her vocal star for awhile yet. Pearlnoire has performed at many venues and gigs including Blues Quest  festival (Richmond and Twickenham  rhythm and blues  club). Inn on the green 606 club London, Jazz am London 2007/2008, Pretap Soho London 2007, BRB Gerard street London  in 2008.

Pearlnoire released her latest album 'Phoenix Pearl' in 2015 along with a selection of live dates. The album went down a storm and can be purchased via this site Here or you can listen Here
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